Client Spotlight: Where do your employees come from?

Too many businesses only begin to think about becoming an employer of choice to their candidate pool when the impact of vacant positions has become a serious threat. By the time things reach that point it takes significantly more work on the employee experience to solve the issues that are causing retention issues or damaging your image when competing for candidates.

The best-case scenario is one where the choice to put energy into who you are as an employer is preemptive. For instance, an Employer Branding client recently engaged us early in a growth phase so that they could optimize hiring speed and cost - but most importantly ensure a good fit with their strategy and culture as they scaled.

The most surprising thing that this client learned from our assessment turned out to be the cause of some recent frustrations within their organization. While they hadn’t quite been able to put their finger on it...

there were expectations, norms, and behaviors that they were hoping to see from newer members of the team - but weren’t.

What we discovered was that

this client had been sourcing primarily from one area of their industry.

The norms, expectations, and demands in that area of their industry were not well aligned with the kinds of behaviors that they expected within their own organization. Our analysis concluded that

their ideal target hire was from an entirely different area of the industry.

We honed in on an ideal candidate archetype, and this shift in strategy allowed the business to solidify their employee experience in a way that improved satisfaction for their people and closed the gaps in expectations versus reality.

Interested in digging into where your best employees are coming from? Or how to become an employer of choice within your industry? Learn more about Employer Branding or schedule a consult with Wayforward today.

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