What we’ve achieved (so far).

The following case studies are selected examples of how we’ve helped create positive outcomes in vastly
different industries and situations. And we eagerly look forward to the next challenge.

A Case Study in Manufacturing Turnaround.


A legacy manufacturing company faced significant losses, disengaged management, woeful front-line morale, an adversarial relationship with its union partners, and skills drain in key operational knowledge areas. 


We developed a holistic strategy to rebuild the connection between leadership and the workforce, modernize the union contract, establish a trust-based working relationship with union leaders, overhaul the sales strategy and product mix, and revamp supplier agreements.


increase in monthly throughput


increase in VM of product mix


improvement to cash flow position

Entry into

emerging markets

First profitable operating result

in years

A Case Study in Healthcare Profitability.


A large healthcare organization sought to increase revenue amidst a highly bureaucratic and regulated environment.


We instituted a new people-focused strategy, including staff restructuring with the intent of improving revenue — rather than reducing costs.


increase in top revenue center capacity


throughput improvement for another
key revenue generating support service

A Case Study in Acquisition.


While being acquired by a global player, a Tier 1 automotive supplier needed to shepherd its most precious strategic advantage — a vibrant culture — through the strenuous transition.


By conducting a company-wide assessment, we identified the day-to-day activities that had the highest impact on employee engagement and retention. The quantitative results of these behaviors were presented to the new parent company, and we engaged with the acquirer’s leadership to enmesh their new expectations and practices with the existing culture.


or higher employee engagement scores

Steady post-acquisition OTIF

and product quality delivery to the OEMs


Successful preservation of the

company culture

and rapid timing of synergies


The company has maintained

single-digit turnover numbers,

even years later