Leaving your business better than we found it.

Wayforward is a strategic people leadership firm based in Buffalo, New York.

Our intention is to provide companies with temporary human resources and organizational development services that yield long-term, sustainable success. 

In the face of seemingly insurmountable business challenges, we believe there’s always a solution, always a better way — and it’s our job to outsmart and outwork the problem.

What to expect working with us.

We apply a proven, data-driven process
but remain agile to quickly changing needs as they arise.

Our working relationships are centered around trust,
transparency, and (very) direct communication. 

When we say we get to know your business and operations,
we genuinely mean it — from calibrating with the leadership team
to interfacing with the frontline workforce.

We listen, learn, and follow through on our promises.

When the day comes that you no longer need our services,
we take satisfaction knowing we did what we set out to do.

The Wayforward process.

While every engagement at Wayforward is unique and centered around your challenges and goals,
you can expect to go through something akin to the following process designed to identify, address, and outwork the root problems that are holding your organization back.


Our leadership.


Dustin Snyder


I’m a staunch believer that any company can thrive when its people are strategically positioned, motivated, and supported. 

I’ve devoted my career to overcoming internal obstacles and driving business success across multiple industries. Reversing poor workforce morale, building robust management culture, building alignment and trust with union leaders, and leveraging a people-focused strategy are just a few of the experiences I bring to the table. 

Few things inspire me more than turning the impossible into the possible. My professional experience and relentless desire to fix the unfixable culminated in the formation of Wayforward to guide companies through challenges, change, and crisis.